JavaScript Screen Object

The JavaScript screen object holds information of browser screen. It can be used to display screen width, height, colorDepth, pixelDepth etc.

The navigator object is the window property, so it can be accessed by:


Property of JavaScript Screen Object

There are many properties of screen object that returns information of the browser.

No. Property Description
1 width returns the width of the screen
2 height returns the height of the screen
3 availWidth returns the available width
4 availHeight returns the available height
5 colorDepth returns the color depth
6 pixelDepth returns the pixel depth.

Example of JavaScript Screen Object

Let’s see the different usage of screen object.

Test it Now
screen.width: 1366 
screen.height: 768 
screen.availWidth: 1366 
screen.availHeight: 728 
screen.colorDepth: 24 
screen.pixelDepth: 24

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