HTML Progress Tag

HTML tag is used to display the progress of a task. It provides an easy way for web developers to create progress bar on the website. It is mostly used to show the progress of a file uploading on the web page.

The HTML progress tag is new in HTML5 so you must use new browsers.

Attributes of HTML Progress Tag

HTML tag supports the global and event attributes as well as 2 specific attributes.

Tag Description
value It defines that how much work the task has been completed.
max It defines that how much work the task requires in total.

The progress tag should be used to represent progress of a task only, not for just a gauge (disk pace usage). For such purpose, element is used.

HTML Progress Tag Example

Let's see HTML progress example without attribute.

Test it Now


Let's see the progress example with value and max attributes.

Test it Now


Downloading progress:

Styling Progress Bar

You can apply CSS code on progress tag.

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HTML Progress Tag with JavaScript

The tag should be used in conjunction with JavaScript to display the progress of a task.

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Supporting Browsers

Element chrome browser Chrome ie browser IE firefox browser Firefox opera browser Opera safari browser Safari
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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HTML progress Tag