Java FilterInputStream Class

Java FilterInputStream class implements the InputStream. It contains different sub classes as BufferedInputStream, DataInputStream for providing additional functionality. So it is less used individually.

Java FilterInputStream class declaration

Let's see the declaration for class

Java FilterInputStream class Methods

Method Description
int available() It is used to return an estimate number of bytes that can be read from the input stream.
int read() It is used to read the next byte of data from the input stream.
int read(byte[] b) It is used to read up to byte.length bytes of data from the input stream.
long skip(long n) It is used to skip over and discards n bytes of data from the input stream.
boolean markSupported() It is used to test if the input stream support mark and reset method.
void mark(int readlimit) It is used to mark the current position in the input stream.
void reset() It is used to reset the input stream.
void close() It is used to close the input stream.

Example of FilterInputStream class

Here, we are assuming that you have following data in "testout.txt" file:

Welcome to w3cschoool


Welcome to w3cschoool

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Java FilterInputStream