Java - ObjectStreamClass

ObjectStreamClass act as a Serialization descriptor for class. This class contains the name and serialVersionUID of the class.


Modifier and Type Field Description
static ObjectStreamField[] NO_FIELDS serialPersistentFields value indicating no serializable fields


Modifier and Type Method Description
Class forClass() It returns the class in the local VM that this version is mapped to.
ObjectStreamField getField(String name) It gets the field of this class by name.
ObjectStreamField[] getFields() It returns an array of the fields of this serialization class.
String getName() It returns the name of the class described by this descriptor.
long getSerialVersionUID() It returns the serialVersionUID for this class.
Static ObjectStreamClass lookup(Class cl) It finds the descriptor for a class that can be serialized.
Static ObjectStreamClass lookupAny(Class cl) It returns the descriptor for any class, regardless of whether it implements Serializable.
String toString() It returns a string describing this ObjectStreamClass.



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Java ObjectStream