JavaScript vs. PHP

What is PHP

Extends for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is the most widely used web development language. It is commonly known as an open-source scripting language. PHP code can be embedded into html files. The code is written between start and end processing instructions, i.e., in-between and ?>. PHP is a simple to use language for a newcomer too.

Although, both PHP and JavaScript are used in web development, they serve totally different purposes and tasks. Even in some cases, PHP and JavaScript work together to achieve a common goal. When both languages deal together, JavaScript handles the front-end of the website and PHP as backend. But, when they work independently, both can serve in the web development majorly. Most popular and trending websites such as Facebook, Yahoo, Flickr are built using JavaScript as well as PHP together.

Difference between JavaScript and PHP

Following lists the various differences between JavaScript and PHP.

JavaScript PHP
Currently, it is a full-stack programming language. It means it can serve both the client as well as server sites. It is a server-side scripting language. It serves only the backend of the website.
It is faster but difficult to learn. It is slower but easy to learn.
It is an asynchronous programming language that does not wait for the execution of the input-output operations. It is a synchronous programming language. Thus, it waits for the execution of the input-output operations.
It is supportable by every web browser, such as Mozilla, Google Chrome, and many more. It is supportable on Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. platforms. Supported by IIS, Apache, and Lighttpd web servers.
It carries less securable code. PHP code is highly securable.
It requires an environment for accessing the database. It allows easy and direct access to the database.
The code is written within

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JavaScript vs PHP