Post-processor Elements

A Post-processor element is executed after a sampler request has been made. If a Post-Processor is attached to a Sampler element then it will execute just after that sampler element runs.

A Post-processor is most often used to process the response data, for example, to extract a particular value for future purpose.

Given below is the list of all Post-processor elements provided by JMeter:

  • CSS/JQuery Extractor
  • BeanShell Post-processor
  • JSR223 Post-processor
  • JDBC Post-processor
  • Debug Post-processor
  • Regular Expression Extractor
  • XPath Extractor
  • Result Status Action Handler
  • BSF Post-processor

The following image shows how you add a Post-processor element to your test plan.

JMeter Post-processor Elements
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Post-Processor Elements