Pre-processor Elements

A Pre-Processor element is executed just before the request made by the sampler. If a Pre-processor is attached to a sampler element then it will execute just prior to that sampler element running.

A Pre-processor element is used to modify the settings of a sample request just before it runs, or to update variables that are not extracted from response text.

Following is a list of all Pre-processor elements provided by JMeter:

  • JDBC Pre-processor
  • JSR223 Pre-processor
  • RegEx User Parameters
  • BeanShell Pre-processor
  • BSF Pre-processor
  • HTML Link Parser
  • HTTP URL Re-writing Modifier
  • HTTP User Parameter Modifier
  • User Parameters

The following image shows how you add a Pre-processor element to your test plan.

JMeter Pre-processor Elements

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Pre-Processor Elements