JMeter Recording Login Test

This section attempts to explain the exact steps for recording a login test with any publically available website which provides a reliable login page with login credentials.

For our test purpose, we will use a publically available website provided by OrangeHRM under URL- to record successful login into their website. We will also use a chrome extension provided by BlazeMeter through which we can record user actions in chrome and then export the test script. Subsequently, those scripts can be used in JMeter to run a test plan.

The following image shows the login page which will be directed when we hit the above URL.

JMeter Recording Login Test

Note: BlazeMeter's Chrome extension records all of the HTTP/S requests made through the user's browser and creates a JMeter script and automatically uploads it to BlazeMeter's platform. There, the script can be executed with a single click or users can opt to download the generated JMeter script (.jmx file) locally.

Follow the steps given below for successful integration of BlazeMeter plug-in into your Chrome browser.

  • Launch Chrome.
  • Go to web store and search for BlazeMeter.

JMeter Recording Login Test
  • Click on "ADD TO CHROME" button.
  • CCreate account on, their recorder is free with account creation.
  • CYou will get a Blazemeter icon on your toolbar.
  • CClick on that icon and it will show you the recorder toolbox.

JMeter Recording Login Test

Recording Login Test

Now, we will record our testusing Blazemeter plug-in.

  • Launch chrome and hit the OrangeHRM login page.
  • Fill-in the login credentials.
  • Click on the Blazemeter icon on the tool bar menu.
  • Enter the name of the test as "LOGIN_TEST".
  • Click on the red button to start recoding.

JMeter Recording Login Test
  • Then, click on the login button to get logged in into the website.
  • Once you get logged in, click on the stop recording button to stop recording actions further.

JMeter Recording Login Test
  • Now, click on the ".jmx" button to download a .jmx file of the recorded script.

JMeter Recording Login Test

Now, we will create a test plan in JMeter and import the downloaded .jmx file in our test plan.

Create JMeter Test Plan

  • Go to your JMeterbin folder and double click on the ApacheJMeter.jar file to launch JMeter interface.
  • Click on the Test Plan node.
  • Rename this test plan node as Login Test.
  • Go to File > Open, select the downloaded login_Test.jmx file and click on Open.

JMeter Recording Login Test

The following image shows the directory structure of the Login Test node after importing the login_Test.jmx file.

JMeter Recording Login Test

We can see that the login_Test.jmx has included all the necessary components such as Header manager, Cache Manager, samplers, etc.

Click on the first sampler under the thread group, here you can check the login credentials which we have used to login into the OrangeHRM website.

JMeter Recording Login Test

Add Listener

  • Select the login_Test plan node and right click on the selected item.
  • Mouse hover on "Add" option, then elements list will be displayed.
  • Select Listener > View Results Tree option.

JMeter Recording Login Test
  • Click on Run > Start to execute the test plan.

Verify the Output

The following output can be seen in the listener.

JMeter Recording Login Test
JMeter Recording Login Test
JMeter Recording Login Test
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Recording Login Test