Difference between String and StringBuffer

There are many differences between String and StringBuffer. A list of differences between String and StringBuffer are given below:

No. String StringBuffer
1) String class is immutable. StringBuffer class is mutable.
2) String is slow and consumes more memory when you concat too many strings because every time it creates new instance. StringBuffer is fast and consumes less memory when you cancat strings.
3) String class overrides the equals() method of Object class. So you can compare the contents of two strings by equals() method. StringBuffer class doesn't override the equals() method of Object class.

String vs StringBuffer

Performance Test of String and StringBuffer

Time taken by Concating with String: 578ms
Time taken by Concating with  StringBuffer: 0ms

String and StringBuffer HashCode Test

As you can see in the program given below, String returns new hashcode value when you concat string but StringBuffer returns same.

Hashcode test of String:
Hashcode test of StringBuffer:

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String vs StringBuffer